Music, Cirque, Love, Expression, Art, Be Inspired.
Music, Cirque, Love, Expression, Art, Be Inspired.
My name is Rocco, I'm 16 years old. I'm in Love. Love, Cirque, Music, Models; My life.
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All the pictures you see are not mine unless I state so.

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meaganisnow-deactivated20120520: So yesterday everyone was telling em about your nerd day outfit and I like looked around everywhere but I couldn't find you! And then everyone was telling me about your clown costume and I kept and eye out for you and I still didn't see you! And when I saw your background I though I was having a seizure. lol~ have a wonderful day mwah!<3

lmfaooo xD! make sure you look for me this monday!!

How come pictures of girls in bikinis get more notes than a beautiful photo of a cancer patient?

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she’s so beautiful *-*

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Awee =\
cmilla217: You are super cute. :)

thank you stranger :]